• Winning the matter is understanding it,
    and understanding the matter is necessary
    to understand the universe and ourselves.
    Primo Levi

High-precision manufacturing and unique finishes

Allplex is specialized in the manufacturing of metals and plastics through CNC centres for the production of finished and semi-finished goods, ranging from small components to big metal plates.

Planning and development

Thanks to the in-house Technical Department, Allplex offers innovative solutions starting from product designing and study, through its development, until its industrial production.

CNC production machining

In its 16 CNC centres, Allplex carries out a wide range of processing techniques on plastics, aluminium, steel and stainless steel, extruded aluminium, nylon and polyethylene.

Finishes: functionality and taste

Through the use of innovative technologies, Allplex implemented several finishing typologies in order to combine functionality and taste.

ISO certified

Every production, finished or semi-finished good is created complying with the law in force in order to obtain the ISO certification.

Warehouse: storage and logistics

The client is offered the opportunity to store the products in a wide warehouse through tolling arrangements, thus speeding up production and lead times.

Finishes and furnishing accessories

Allplex offers turnkey solutions to the furniture industry, being able to meet specific needs in a flexible and professional way.

Target markets

Mechanical engineering industry

Furniture industry

Rail sector

Construction industry